STAMP Out The Primate Pet Trade


Last week I shared a post called “Legal or Ethical: The Primate Pet Trade” where I began to discuss the STAMP It Out campaign being lead by Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre. (Featured image in this post also belongs to Monkey World.)

A day after that blog post came out, Monkey World shared this post on their Facebook feed, so I’m here, once again, to talk to you about why this is so important, because we only have two months to act on it!

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Legal Or Ethical: The Primate Pet Trade


Today I want to talk a little about the primate pet trade.

Last year, Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre bumped up and promoted their campaign titled “STAMP It Out” (Stop The Trade and Abuse of Monkeys as Pets). This then went to DEFRA to be discussed in parliament – a call to action where those against the primate pet trade emailed in their reasons why.

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Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre 360 Video Ad


Something a little bit different this week but I want to share something I’ve created as part of my Future Marketing and Transformational Technology Module at the University of the West of Scotland. We were tasked to create a 360 VR/ AR advertisement on a brand of our choice. I have chosen Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre.

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A Gentle Introduction…


And welcome to A Gentle Gail.

6 years ago, I created a blog called “Life of Gailypi”, which I then rebranded a few months later to “Sherbet Aurora”. It took a few days of deliberation for me to come up with a final name, much like it did for A Gentle Gail!

Sherbet Aurora, at the time, had a focus on travel and tourism, as that was what I was studying. I wanted the name to be something that would reflect the sky or travel, as well as something that would reflect on me as a person. I decided on Sherbet, because I love sherbet, and it’s colourful, and I am a very colourful and bright person. Aurora came from the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. They’re in the sky, and that loosely related to air travel. It also just sounded really nice alongside Sherbet.

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