A Gentle Introduction…


And welcome to A Gentle Gail.

6 years ago, I created a blog called “Life of Gailypi”, which I then rebranded a few months later to “Sherbet Aurora”. It took a few days of deliberation for me to come up with a final name, much like it did for A Gentle Gail!

Sherbet Aurora, at the time, had a focus on travel and tourism, as that was what I was studying. I wanted the name to be something that would reflect the sky or travel, as well as something that would reflect on me as a person. I decided on Sherbet, because I love sherbet, and it’s colourful, and I am a very colourful and bright person. Aurora came from the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. They’re in the sky, and that loosely related to air travel. It also just sounded really nice alongside Sherbet.

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