The Problem With Fast Fashion – Pretty Little Thing


I feel that at this point, the impact that fast fashion has on the environment, and some communities, is one that is overall negative. Products are created en masse for as low a cost as possible and in doing so, those who are making the clothes (sometimes child labour depending on the country) are working in horrendous conditions for pennies. It’s a shocking state of affairs. But this post isn’t to bash against those who purchase from fast fashion brands, I’ve stated in previous posts that there are times where I, myself, have also purchased from the Primarks of the world when I need something then and there. Sometimes cheap and cheerful clothes are all that some people can afford, and that’s okay, they should not be scrutinised for those choices. This post is however, here to scrutinise those brands who are creating this wasteful culture. I’m looking at you here, Pretty Little Thing.

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Let’s Talk About Palm Oil.

[this post was edited on December 4 2020 as it was brought to my attention that Cadbury are in fact a member of the RSPO through their parent company and that, therefore, their products do contain sustainable palm oil. As this information has come to light, the section including the misinformation has been deleted.]

So. Palm oil. It’s controversial. Do you remember the 2018 Iceland advert where Rang Tan told the world about the horrors she faces in her habitat, and the young girl committed to raising awareness for her? The internet was horrified to learn that the habitats of these creatures were being destroyed for consumerism. In the last few years, this has been talked about less and less, and it appears that most people have forgotten about it and moved onto the next big topic that comes along, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but the reality of the palm oil industry hasn’t subsided.

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