A girl sitting on grass in a Paisley patterned dress and wearing a face covering while looking off to the distance. This is Gail, the author.

Gail Leslie

Blogger, MSc Digital Marketing student

Hi! I’m Gail. I’m a Digital Marketer from Scotland. I studied my MSc in Digital Marketing in 2020.

I used to blog about travel and tourism, but in recent years, I’ve found myself becoming more environmentally consious. Wanting to discuss more about sustainability, environmentalism and conservation, I outgrew my old blog and thought I could start afresh. (But you can still visit my old account! http://www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk!)

On here, you will find out a little about my journey into being more environmentally consious, sharing any products I found and trying to start a discussion with you all, so we can all do our part and form a community!

I look forward to meeting you!